Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

In the two years since losing my cultural space to the real estate forces of Vancouver, I’ve been on a journey to relocate my voice. 

Years of battling the system in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside left me sick from stress and anxiety, and something had to change. So I left for Mexico in the height of the pandemic, without any idea where my path would lead. 

Two years later, I have returned to health, with the help of a lot of self reflection, some excellent body work and a healthy helping of plant medicine. 

Through this process, I have taken on client work with entrepreneurs, consultants, small business owners and Non Profit organizations that also feel the pressure of market forces and who are navigating the complicated arena of finding a voice while shouting into the abyss that is online identity.

Do you struggle to find an authentic way to express your passion and what you’re offering to the world? Or the time to commit to the essential task of telling your story? Let’s chat.