The Notorious RBG

The Notorious RBG

Seeing a lot of criticism for RBG, and it’s an important counterbalance to the sanctifying and hero creation of a mere human.

But also.

– Conservative America would love nothing more than to discredit her cumulative value. Because misogyny, anti Jewish sentiment, patriarchy, a whole lotta things.

– Trump has feelings of obligation about appointing a woman. How does that make you feel?

– The expectation of perfection is a cornerstone ideology of supremacy. – More than one truth can exist simultaneously.

– history is a steamroller, disguised as a stationary bicycle. Progress is the opposite? Maybe.

Critical thinking is essential, but right now it’s feeling to me like we often miss the forest for the trees. If your lifetime of decisions was offered up for scrutiny, what would the public reflection be?

Hold your representatives Accountable, while they are available to be accountable. Apply your standards and wishes to the currently and yet to be elected. Pay attention. Now, not in retrospect. Reflect, so you know who you support. Criticize, if it’s in the service of honing expectations. But be wary of sabotaging more desirable outcomes.

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