About Denise

About Denise

I used to be a business owner, non-profit community space manager, board volunteer, association organizer, event producer and DTES dweller, and member of the City of Vancouver Board of Variance.

These days I’m a traveller and remote worker, learning as much as I can about traditional plant medicine and modes of regulation in Latin America. I’m also working with clients to help them find and develop their unique voice, so that they can be successful in cultivating their community and achieving their dreams. 

Historically, this site was a collection of writings that I’ve been accumulating over the past few years, since I opened my space in Railtown, at the very North End of the Downtown Eastside. It was a combination of personal reflections on life and loss, daily experiences and rants about the importance of civic engagement. Let’s see what evolves in the next while.

How I felt in 2018, while attempting to run for City Council:

A lot has changed in my life, and in the DTES, since we first set up shop in 2015. I’ve always been deeply invested in community building, from an education in communications and social networking, to more than a decade of community event production and facilitation. As these changes keep coming, I feel called to have an impact on the outcome by participating directly in our civic democracy.

I’m deeply concerned about what the next four years hold for Vancouver. Now more than ever, it seems, we need to carefully consider our options, and go all in on our priorities and beliefs. I have some strong feelings about what needs to be done, and I’m sure you do too. Drop me a line and tell me what’s important to you. I’m all ears.

I’m still deeply concerned about what those years held, and what the next four hold as well. But now I’m looking at things from a more global perspective.