The Starter Kit

Whether you have an outdated digital presence that needs a revamp or a freshen up, or you have a brand new business that has never seen the light of day, this package is ground zero for creating a foundation for success. Together we create a roadmap and a strategy for your online identity needs. At completion you will have visibility and brand identity on Google and all relevant social media.

Community Cultivation

Find and connect with your people. Using your existing or creating new social media platforms, I identify and connect with valuable community members, from potential clients to project collaborators to kindred companies. This increases your visibility online and strongly positions you in your industry.

Human to Geek Translation 
In both directions:

¬∑ For clients who have a very basic understanding and skill set in all things digital, leading them through what they need to know to transition their business to a digital space. 

¬∑ For clients or service providers who are highly technically skilled but have difficulty articulating or communicating their vision or offering in a way that appeals to potential clients or existing clients.

Business Therapy/ Communication Development 

This is a one-on-one service that allows clients to work through challenging aspects of their business communications while developing their narrative and their “voice”, in a way that is easily ported to successful and impactful SEO.

Digital Asset Organization/Management

The digital equivalent of tackling the receipt shoebox. Clients hand over their disastrous digital “shoebox” and receive a shiny new file management structure, saving them countless hours of futile searching and making it easier to work fluidly with designers, accountants, employees and other service providers. Particularly useful for preparing to create or redesign a website and other online marketing materials.