Zombie Seeeeedzzzzz

Zombie Seeeeedzzzzz

Garden enthusiast friends and people who need calendars!!

My very favourite project just published our annual planting calendar!

Zombie Seedz is such a fun project to work on, and not just because it means I get to continue 20 years of creating with the fabulous Teprine Baldo!

The world of seeds is so fascinating. This project happened because her main company, Semences Le Noyau Seeds, cultivates mostly heirloom seeds. If two varieties with similar genetics cross pollinate, the result is no longer a “pure” seed – kind of a frankenstein, if you will.

Instead of discarding these new hybrids, she decided to create a different kind of brand project around it. It’s fun and silly – but also a not so subtle reminder that food sovereignty and the protection of near urban agriculture are essential to our survival.

Each year, we produce a planting calendar with all kinds of useful and interesting information about growing things. Each year, various amazing women artists contribute designs inspired by the seeds.

This year my wonderful friend Alma Soleada contributed three incredible images.

Check it out!www.zombieseedz.ca

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