Good or Bad? Hard to say.

Good or Bad? Hard to say.

Yesterday was a challenging day. Today, mostly less so. But it makes me think about the things that happen to you, and how you manage them – and how other people manage what is happening to you, for them. And how fucked up that can and will get in the grand scheme.

I feel more than blessed to have some really solid humans in my life, that are there to hold me, to feel me and advise me, and give a shit about what happens to me, and to appreciate and respect the choices I make that get me there, even if they disagree.

In my experience so far, I feel the pressure and the privilege to make about a million choices (some exaggeration), every day. Most of the time, it’s sort of equal options. Bad, good, no judgement. Just choices.

The choices don’t get easier. In fact, they likely get harder. And hopefully, we accrue knowledge that makes us better equipped to make them. But there really are no good ones, and no bad ones. And that’s sort of freedom. Happy to not be a drifter, regardless the outcome.

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