Will you stand with me?

Will you stand with me?

I’m throwing my hat in the ring for a candidacy with the Green party in our upcoming civic election.

If you don’t know about this aspiration, it means we haven’t connected for a bit, and we should. It hasn’t been a secret. It just means something different to say it publicly. To ask for your support.

I’ve been afraid about how this plan could colour the reception of my actions, my words.

I want to represent you. I want to carry your voice with me.

I will submit my nomination over the weekend. I’m freaking terrified, and inspired, and humbled. I feel like I’m called to this, and not so many people are.

I hope to have your support. I want to hear what’s important to you. I’ll have more specific asks in the near future.

If you have resonated with my messages. If you want to engage with your city. If you want to learn how this process works, like I do, I’m hoping you’ll stand with me while I figure this crazy thing out.

I feel like it’s an arrogant thing, to think I could have answers to our most profound questions. To have the honour of carrying the things most important to you forward. To represent you.

And what makes me face that is knowing that this is an opportunity to exercise privilege. To be accountable, and to make you feel heard.

I hope you’ll stand with me, so I can stand with you. Will you stand with me?

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