Next Step

Next Step

Dear Friends & Fam;

I suppose I should tell you all that I’ve been approved to seek Green Party endorsement as a candidate for city council.

This is just the next step in the process – there will be an internal party nomination meeting on June 27th to decide the final candidate slate. But I’m one step closer.

I have deeper thoughts about this (of course) and further instructions about supporting the nomination process and campaign. That feels like something I should give my whole attention to, and be really inspired to share. I haven’t been in a space to really dig into the meat of explaining why I’m doing this, or what I need from you!

It’s coming. Thanks for your patience. Please join the mailing list if you want to be in the loop as I go along!

Expect many invitations in the next weeks – to come over and tell me what’s important to you, and just to be together too! I really, truly, can’t do this without you.

Stay tuned. And thanks SO MUCH for your support so far on this journey!

Your grateful nominee,


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