To call or not to call

To call or not to call

Must be a full moon, the neighbourhood is lively tonight.

On my walk back to the studio, there were two guys bent over a man on the sidewalk, checking his pulse. “He’s fine, just drunk” one of them told me. I decided to call it in anyway.

He was bleeding. Notably, he was missing his index finger, long since healed. When the ambulance arrived, they managed to get him upright. At which point he proclaimed “You’re an asshole!” to the first responder. They all laughed “I’m the nice guy, he’s the asshole” the responder said, hooking his thumb at another uniformed dude.

First guy says to me “we got this, you can go”. I call so often that it’s uncertain sometimes when is the right time. I said “I never know if I should call this stuff in”. He said “you definitely should. On a night like this, he could die of exposure”.

I realize I would not likely have the same reluctance about someone on the sidewalk in another neighbourhood. It’s just a little bit of a grey area where it’s unsure if help is help, or interference, in this time and place. Everyone makes choices. But everyone deserves compassion too.

So what can you do?
I’m doing this, with Lisa So, on February 16th. Thanks so much for your generosity so far, so much love to you. Every bit helps.

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