Sleeping Out!

Sleeping Out!


Lisa So and I will be grabbing a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag and #SleepingOut in support of Covenant House Vancouver.

Why am I doing this? There are many reasons.

I have experienced first hand the hopelessness and helplessness that is trying to support a loved one with mental health and addictions issues. There are so many brick walls and obstacles. It’s so hard to know how to help.

I spend a majority of my time in the DTES, building a business. Building a community. I consciously connect with as many of my neighbours as I can, keeping in mind the difference and distance between us. This is an opportunity to get a little closer to understanding a reality that I bear witness to on a daily basis, though I know (and am grateful) that it’s a reality I may never truly experience. None of us is immune from this possible outcome.

I’ve been on my own since I was 16 years old, and am fortunate to have never been forced onto the street. Where I grew up, I wouldn’t have survived a winter outside. This winter has been particularly intense, and this campaign has given me many moments to pause and be grateful for the circumstances that aligned to keep me indoors.

How we treat our most vulnerable populations fundamentally defines us as a society, a community. I believe that one act of kindness can make a profound difference. I am so humbled by your acts of kindness in supporting this campaign.

I’m hopeful that our one night on the street results in fewer nights on the street for someone who could really use a warm bed and a hot meal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.


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