“Simple” Splitting

“Simple” Splitting

A little reminder that just because a candidate is proverbially “left”, it doesn’t mean they represent you and your values/perspective. It’s a wildly simplistic read, and it insults your right to choose your representation. Do not be shamed by this rhetoric.

I think we’re incredibly fortunate to have a bevy of socially progressive options in our municipal spectrum. The problem is not that we have too many options. The problem is that 394,147 of us neglected to make a choice.¬†And don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Also, if you’re one of those non participatory legions, consider not having a social media based, armchair politician opinion about the outcome. You didn’t take action when your opinion had the opportunity for impact, so it literally doesn’t count right now.

And maybe think about actively participating in a movement toward electoral reform. Walk your talk.

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