#metoo and the Call Out

#metoo and the Call Out

I will regret this rawness tomorrow.

Sexual violation is unforgivable. I’ve been a victim, closer than I would/will admit here.

We are never the same. In a way, who we once were has died. We become something, someone else after this violence. Disproportionately male on female.

But shaming to the death is not the objective. This is not the opportunity for change.

The opportunity for change, I believe, is in dialogue. Yes it’s frustrating, and emotionally laborious, to explain our experience. And painful. And thankless. And exposing, and awful.

But the objective can’t be elimination. That’s not how we grow and evolve.

We’re not going to change things by activating shame.

I’m too close to this to have objectivity. I don’t know how to stay quiet, and I don’t know how to make my voice count. This is as close as I’ve been to completely lost on a topic.

We are, in many ways, the sum of our actions. But we also possess an infinite capacity for change.

Finding a way to navigate my world this week has been a challenge. I hope you get my meaning when I say I hope It’s been a challenge for you, too. Not because I want to join you in suffering, but because I want to join you in overcoming.

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